JOT Gaming -006- LOVE/HATE: Nintendo

Nintendo has made some strange decisions lately which have gone unexplained. Canceling the NES Classic Edition, announcing a New 2DS XL, and sharing news for a backwards seeming internet service to debut later this year. And what about the Nintendo Switch and its bare bones UI?

While we LOVE what Nintendo has contributed to our own love of the hobby, sometimes you just can't look past decisions that seem short sighted. 

This is our first episode using the LOVE/HATE format. Let us know what you think.

JOT Gaming -004- Diablo III news, Final Fantasy Spinoffs, and X-Box Scorpio

This week we discuss the Diablo III update, Shin Megami Tensei and Persona 5 AGAIN, and some Final Fantasy throwbacks; Dissidia and Theatrhythm.  Gah! Those names though.  Also we have a discussion on the state of this console generation. Have we accidentally slipped into the next one without even knowing it? 

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JOT Gaming -003- Persona 5 Hype! Hearthstone, Dragon Quest XI news

This week we discuss our LOVE for Persona 5. With only a few minor issues, we both can say that we are thoroughly enjoying Atlus’ latest Persona game.

Also we discuss Hearthstone balancing issues with their latest card expansion release, Dragon Quest XI’s Japanese release date announcement and the unique style Square-Enix has pursued for that game, and also a mini rant about CD Projekt Red and their controversial trademark for Cyberpunk 2077.